How to Observe Mercury and Venus

Observing Mercury and Venus is rewarding but comes with a set of unique challenges that must be overcome to enable the maximum enjoyment of these hidden treasures.

Never scan the sky when the Sun is above the horizon, an instant looking at the Sun can destroy your eyesight for life.

Let's take a trip to the inferior planets, Mercury and Venus. Observing these planets requires that we understand some important concepts including the Greatest Eastern and Western Elongations as well as Inferior and Superior Conjunctions.

Watch the video to discover some great tips on how to observe the Mercury and Venus. As well as to see some impressive footage of Mercury and Venus.

Don't be one of those astronomers who never see Mercury, watch this video and find out how to observe it today..

What equipment do you need to see Mercury and Venus?

Mercury will look small in binoculars and you will need a telescope to be able to see the phases of the planet. However, binoculars will easily see the phases of Venus.