Exploring the planet Jupiter and its moons at Opposition

While Juipiter and its moons can be seen together at the same time with the naked eye, when doing astrophotograph a longer exposure is required to capture the moons of Juipiter.

Explore the planet Jupiter and its moons by taking a shot of Juipiter and then taking another overexposed image to bring out the detail of the moons. Then the two images are recombined to show Juiptier with its moons.

What equipment do you need to see Juipiter and its moons?

Binoculars will easily show juipiter but may struggle with its moons, so a dark sky will be required. However any telescope that meets our minimum requirements for astronomical equipment will resolve both Juipiter and its moons.

Optional Equipment

An astronomy camera offers very good performance for planetary imaging and guiding. Some cameras also allow deep sky imaging, however you must check the description of the particular camera.

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