Constellation: Ursa Major

Ursa Major is the largest northern hemisphere constellation and one of the brightest. It is also known by many other names such as the plough and big dipper.

While Ursa Major is famous for it recognisable shape. This shape won't last forever as only five of the seven main stars are moving together, presumably coming from some common origin. So over time the famous shape of the big dipper will become distorted.

Astronomical Objects in Ursa Major

Find all three of the main Galaxies of the M81 Group in the Ursa Major constellation.

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Solar systems of more than one star are very common in the universe however Alcor and Mizar are easy to find examples of this.

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What equipment do you need to see Ursa Major?

Technically you don't need any equipment at all to see Ursa Major! However, to see the fainter stars in the constellation, especially from a light-polluted location would require a good pair of binoculars.