Constellation: Hercules

Hercules is the fifth largest constellation in the nights sky. The constellation is near Draco to the north; Boötes, Corona Borealis, and Serpens Caput to the east; Ophiuchus to the south; Aquila to the southwest; and Sagitta, Vulpecula, and Lyra to the west.

Despite it's size Hercules isn't a very rich constellation in astronomical objects, with the notable exception of the Great Globular cluster.

Astronomical Objects in Hercules

The globular clusters that are found in hercules are some of the best examples of such clusters in the night sky.

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What equipment do you need to see Hercules?

Technically you don't need any equipment at all to see Hercules! However, to see the fainter stars in the constellation, especially from a light-polluted location would require a good pair of binoculars.